Benefits of Whole-House Water System

Benefits of Whole-House Water Systems

Each day your home comes alive in a familiar wayfyour coffee maker brews its first pot, your shower helps energize sleepy family members, and your bathroom faucet is ready for the morning routines. What isn’t familiar is the list of minerals or contaminants coursing through your water pipes and into your home. Whether your water comes from a public facility or a private well, it can contain a variety of impurities, some of which can be harmful to your family.

Concerned about the safety of your water? Here’s a discussion on the benefits of using whole-house water systems to clean up the water before it becomes a part of your daily use.

From good-tasting drinking water, to cleaner clothes and dishes, and longer-lasting appliances, whole-house water systems provide a safe and clean on-demand water supply from every source in the house.

Protecting Your Family’s Health

Benefits of using a Whole-House Water System

Your body takes in water multiple times a day, including skin contact from washing, and lung exposure from breathing in vapors of heated polluted water. Every ounce of water consumed could also mean contaminants are absorbed, putting your health at risk. A whole-house water filter system protects your long-term health by eliminating harmful substances that could come in contact with your body.

Preserving the Life of Your Appliances

When using a whole-house water system you are protecting your appliances. Poor water quality can cause buildup of harsh, erosive chemicals on the metal surfaces and hardware of your appliances. Whole-house water systems remove harmful substances that can impair the functionality and longevity of your in-home appliances.

Making Cleaning Easier

Benefits of using a Whole-House Water System

Cleaning with filtered water gives your clothes and dishware a residue-free wash, removing minerals from the clothes you wear and the dishes you use.  The soft water that a whole-house water system provides makes household cleaning easier, as good water quality means using less soap and scrubbing to keep your house clean.

Using Water Pressure to Power Your Whole-House Water System

Secondwind Water recommends Kinetico whole-house water systems to its customers. This unique, patented water system requires no gas, no electricity, and no costly electric parts. Because it harnesses the power of highly-pressurized water, Kinetico Water Systems provide safe, quality water to your home with minimal environmental impact. All of Kinetico’s American-made products are certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) and backed by the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Contact us for more information.

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